Author: Alfonso Alarcón

In Coded UI Test solutions of visual Studio (Enterprise, Ultimate or Premium versions) is recommendable to optimize efforts avoiding recording actions when a large numbers of elements must be recorded. See the general strategy from

In the next class is shown a method to set data in a box using SetProperty():

private static Dictionary<string, WinEdit> objDict = UiTestWinEditDict.UiTestWinEdit();

public static void SetValueInWinEdit(string textComments, string tableKey)
	WinEdit winEdit = objDict[tableKey];
	if (winEdit.WaitForControlEnabled(2000))
		winEdit.SetProperty("Text", textComments);
		Assert.Fail("The next value cannot be written in the box: " + textComments);

As it is shown in the previous code the UI Control of the grid parent is stored in a dictionary. Please see the next post for more information of how to store UI Controls in dictionaries:


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