Author: Alfonso Alarcón

In Coded UI projects of visual Studio (Enterprise, Ultimate or Premium versions) control data (properties and values)  on the different functionalities are saved in structures named UI Controls. Even though other possibilities are possible the UI Controls can be stored in dictionaries to be invoked in functional methods. The important point is to create a dictionary for each type of control. Therefore, it can be a dictionary for: ComboBox, MenuBar, TableGrid, WinButton or WinEdit but the list can be more extends depending of the application. The “Key” of the dictionary is a constant string and the “Value” is the type of the UI Control.

All types of UI Controls are inheritance of the class UITestControl. Therefore, it is possible to create the dictionaries with this class but if you need specific methods of a particular UI Control you must work with its class. For example, in the case of combo boxes, you need to work with the specific methods of the class WinComboBox. In this dictionary all UI Controls are stored in a dictionary named ComboBoxDict inside the method UiTestComboBox():

public static class UIDict
	public static Dictionary<string, WinEdit> UiDictA()
		UIMap uiMap = new UIMap();
		Dictionary<string, WinEdit> winEditDict = new Dictionary<string, WinEdit>();
		return winEditDict;        

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